Possible ways to reduce weight

Has coming to the desired weight and shape been on your priorities these days? Many people struggle to lose weight with Diet modification and exercise routine alone. That’s because there are many factors like genes, hormones, illness, medication, behavior and stress that effects the weight loss results. If you have tried lot of diets still not able to manage the weight you can look for best treatments and choose the one best suits you..

DIET– The way to loose weight is building new habits that end up eating better. Eating healthy includes simple home cooked meals with lots of fibre, whole grains and pulses, lean meats and low fat dairy products. Portion control is a key to achieve a desired weight. Regular hydration with healthy fluids like detox drinks, buttermilk, lemon water and coconut water is must.

Exercise routine– Performing regular physical activity helps to loose weight by creating negative energy balance. 45 minutes of any moderate activity like brisk walk, jogging, gymming, yoga, cycling or playing can be beneficial for weight management.

Stress management and sound Sleep also plays an important role in controlling your hormones and making weight loss easy for you.

Non surgical options like intragastric balloon is non invasive procedure. In combination with long term lifestyle and eating modification procedure can be used by obese people with BMI >30. Silicon balloon is inserted in stomach and filled with the saline (550ml). Balloon fills up the space in stomach resulting in fullness and controls appetite. Balloon is removed after 6 months via anal region. Helps in loosing weight by 10-15%.

Bariatric surgery– It is an effective and safe weight loss treat6that helps support and sustain healthy diet and lifestyle. For people with BMI above 40 or above 35 with other health problems bariatric surgery is often most effective long term treatment for weight loss.

Sleeve gastrectomy has become a popular choice where approx 60% of stomach is removed so you feel full after small meals. Procedure decreases the hunger signal that go to brain by controlling hormones.

Roux-en-y gastric bypass– this procedure doesnt requireremoval of large part of stomach. A pouch is created which is then connected to the lower portion of small intestine
The recovery time and chances of complications like internal bleeding and dumping syndrome are there. 70% of excess weight is lost within a span of w years.

Mini gastric bypass is simple and faster procedure. With one joint between stomach and bowel. It requires less incision and complications are less. Recovery is faster.

An expert can be consulted with the past medical and weight history to choose the best option.

Neha Baweja

Neha Baweja

Clinical Nutritionist, health coach, diabetes educator, sports nutritionist and Corporate consultant

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